Core imms and vaccs for new starters - final list

A national workshop was held in February 2019, attended by NHS Occupational Health leads, to start to develop a core list of imms and vaccs for new starters.

Following consultation on the outcomes of this workshop, NHS England and NHS Improvement worked with the NHS Health at Work Network and representatives from Occupational Health and Public Health England. Together they conducted a workshop on 11th July 2019 to review all comments arising from this survey and attendees undertook a review of the core list, considering all the comments received and referencing back to the Green Book when required. Where applicable, comments were incorporated into the core list and in the instances the comments were not incorporated, full reasons were documented for future reference.

Since the workshop on 11th July 2019, further national guidance in relation to the pertussis vaccination has emerged. A decision has been added to amend the Core List and include reference to this guidance. The Green Book is currently being updated to reflect this change in guidance and the staff groups that it affects.  The source of the guidance is therefore substituted for the Green Book guidelines.

This is the finalised core list and our next step is to produce implementation flow charts that demonstrate adherence to the agreed core list.  These will be added when available.