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The NHS is now able to offer competitively priced, quality occupational health services to all UK businesses – even those based in multiple locations across the country.  NHS Health at Work provides workplace health for UK employers through a SEQOHS accredited network of NHS providers.

Our NHS staff have experience of working with all types of employers from the full range of industries. Our occupational health teams will help keep your staff well and support them to get back to work quickly if they do become ill. We can save your business money, increase productivity and improve the health and wellbeing of your staff.

If you are a large business with multiple sites please get in touch.  A summary of services provided is available here.

If you are a local business, please use the map below to locate  your nearest NHS provider.

Health clearance for the National Performers List -if you are applying to join the National Performers List you can download a list of OH providers who can provide your health clearance.

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