The Growing OHWB Strategy is now available to download!

The strategy is now available to download from the NHS England website:

In this video, Hilary Winch (Chair of the NHS Health at Work Network) talks about how the Growing OHWB Strategy helps develop services and people.

The Growing Occupational Health and Wellbeing Together strategy provides a long-term roadmap to improve the health and wellbeing of our NHS people by growing our occupational health and wellbeing services and people. 

Supporting our NHS People Plan and People Promise of ‘we are safe and healthy’, it sets out a united vision and areas for action that we can achieve together based on four strategic drivers:

  • Growing the strategic identity of OHWB
  • Growing our OHWB services across systems
  • Growing our OHWB people
  • Growing OHWB impact and evidence-based practice

This is an important moment for us as NHS OHWB professionals, as it:

  • Unites us as a multi-professional family supporting the health and wellbeing of our NHS people, to enable them to pass good care onto patients
  • Sets the national direction of travel for us as a profession, co-designed with us, and putting us in the driving seat to grow our services
  • Acts as a strategic lever to encourage investment and collaborative action in us as a community and the services we lead

 Getting started pack

This pack of resources is designed to help you get started with growing occupational health and wellbeing in your local context:

Please see the recording from the launch event below: