MoHaWK - the national online clinical benchmarking tool for occupational health units and services


MoHaWK (Management of Health at Work Knowledge) is the national web-based benchmarking tool which supports local audit for occupational health services.  It measures evidence-based clinical practice and processes in order for Services to identify if improvements are required.  It also allows services to benchmark against their peers.  Individual Services can then use the data to drive successful improvement.

Clinical governance system like MoHaWK have earned a reputation in other specialities for driving successful improvement.  Occupational health services need a systematic approach to maintaining and improving the quality of patient care.

MoHaWK was developed by Syngentis (the Health and Work CIC) and transferred to the Faculty of Occupational Medicine (FOM) in January 2018.  It now forms part of the FOM's Quality Improvement Programme, alongside SEQOHS.

NHS Health at Work Network members have access to MoHaWK as a benefit of their Network membership.  The system is available to OH providers across all sectors for an annual fee.

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