Aims and objectives

The primary aims of the NHS Health at Work Network are to:

  • Act as the voice of NHS occupational health providers in informing and influencing national and international policy on occupational health matters.
    The Network is regularly asked for advice and input at the highest level. As well as responding to formal consultations, members of the Network sit on a range of committees and forums. The Network has developed good working relationships with NHS England, Public Health England, SEQOHS, NHS Employers, the Faculty of Occupational Medicine, Society of Occupational Medicine, the Council for Work and Health, the National School of Occupational Health and the Faculty of Ocupational Health Nursing. 
  • Build a robust evidence base and promote best clinical and business practice in the innovative delivery of health & work services to NHS staff.
    A range of evidence based guidelines have been produced that are designed to ensure OH practitioners provide the highest quality health at work services. 
    A web based Clinical Governance Registry is being developed. This will allow occupational health teams in the NHS to see how their team is doing compared to others and raise standards. The Network is committed to providing members with access to the very latest developments in occupational health and to showcasing best practice. 
  • Exchange information, expertise and best practice across the network for the purpose of developing the capacity and capability of individual network members and securing and retaining accreditation.
    All members of the NHS Health at Work Network will have access to a variety of support designed to help them deliver an excellent OH service, while demonstrating real value to their Trusts, NHS staff and ultimately, patients. The Network’s wide range of materials is designed to support clinical quality and business excellence. 
    The Network is supporting NHS teams gain accreditation so that the NHS has the highest standards of occupational health practice. 
  • Identify and pursue cross network opportunities and co-ordinate service delivery to meet customer need.
    By enabling formal and informal networking opportunities, the Network is supporting teams to work collaboratively and in some case amalgamate to provide a more efficient and effective service. 

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