Strategy checklist

Strategy Checklist - Healthy staff, better care for patients

The Government launched ‘Healthy staff, better care for patients’ on 29 July 2011. NHS Plus and the NHS Health at Work Network are working in partnership with the Department of Health and NHS Employers to support this work.

Use our ten-point checklist below to see if your organisation is meeting the new recommendations.

  • Are your health and well-being initiatives backed with strong leadership and visible support at board level?
  • Will your occupational health services meet the accreditation deadline of March 2012?
  • Do you have a clear agreement setting out the OH services required and the quality and delivery levels expected? Have you seen the new guidelines to help you commission effective occupational health services available from NHS Employers?
  • Is your occupational health service accessible to all irrespective of where and when they work?
  • Have you carefully planned the procurement of specialist OH professionals? Does your OH service train both doctors and nurses to specialist level?
  • Have you agreed fast tracking arrangements for staff where this expedites return to work?
  • Do you engage staff in assessing the need for and the development of occupational health services?
  • Does your OH service provide an annual plan describing the range of services required and how they will be promoted and marketed?
  • Do you have a staff health and well-being improvement plan that is evidence-based and prepared and agreed in partnership between management, staff and unions?
  • Are your producing an annual report of your organisation’s well-being?

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