Case Study - Improving the speed and quality of Occupational Health Service Reports

Improving the speed and quality of occupational health service reports to managers after consultation & provide managers the opportunity to provide feedback on the Occupational Health Service

Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Andrea Hildred, Business Manager, Occupational Health Service.

What we did

Introduced voice recognition technology to facilitate a new, faster way of providing high quality Occupational Health (OH) reports to managers and clients.

Background – Why

OH reports are a key interface between OH, referred member of staff, managers and Human Resources (HR). For OH reports to be an effective communication tool they need to provide timely, relevant and appropriate information that is easy to understand and is of practical value to management, HR and the member of staff. 

The GMC’s latest guidance on confidentiality in 2009 led us to review our systems to see if we could streamline the process and improve the speed and quality of our reports. 

The approach

We introduced voice recognition (VR) software with training to all OH clinicians at a cost of £3015 in total for 8 clinicians.

The system involves:

  • Pre-clinic, OH administration staff prepare each referred member of staff’s electronic template report including management questions, ready for completion by the OH clinician.
  • OH clinician uses VR software to complete the report in the clinic with the referred member of staff still present. Consent to release the report is sought. A paper copy is given to the referred member of staff and the report is sent electronically to the manager at the end of the consultation. The GP is also sent a copy of the report if appropriate and with consent.
  • The OH report contains a request to the manager (and an electronic link to a secure database) for structured feedback. 
  • OH clinician’s also give structured peer feedback on colleague’s OH reports (without sight of the manager feedback) using the same database. This means that there is continual management and peer clinician feedback to individual clinicians and the OH audit group for action.

The outcome 

95% of all OH Reports are sent out within 2 days of the appointment

70% of managers provide feedback providing an opportunity for continual feedback to clinicians

88.5% overall satisfaction with the OH service is the feedback from managers

The difference

  • Immediate benefits.
  • OH reports released (with consent) to the manager before the referred member of staff leaves the clinic.
  • Paper copy of report given to the referred member of staff at the same time (and the GP if appropriate).
  • Consent to release the report a simple process.
  • No surprises for the client. 
  • No need for administration staff to spend time typing and correcting clinician reports.
  • No need for clinician’s to check their reports after typing by administration colleagues.
  • On going feedback from managers on the OH service - providing OH with the opportunity to make continual service improvements

Quote from OH Consultant “.. completing the reports in the clinic has improved my efficiency in terms of time and case management”

Quote from Manager “..I did not expect to receive the OH report so quickly - it’s great. Thank you”

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