Progressing the work of NHS Plus

NHS Plus was set up in 2001 to increase the quality and delivery of health and work services and support the broader Health, Work and Wellbeing Strategy. It did this through:

  • helping develop the NHS as a model employer
  • delivering services to other public sector bodies and smaller businesses
  • supporting the development of quality occupational health practices

The NHS Plus project came to an end on 31 March 2013.

NHS Health at Work is progressing and developing this work so that NHS
employees receive the highest quality health and wellbeing services.

Syngentis  - a new not-for profit health and work community interest company will also progress some strands of work. Coming from NHS Plus, the Syngentis team provide expert occupational health advice to the NHS and public sector.  See details of their work here.

Part of NHS Plus's remit was to sell occupational health services from NHS
occupational health departments to external businesses, particularly small and
medium sized enterprises (SMEs).

SMEs can get occupational health advice and support through the free adviceline and through the network of NHS providers. See here for further details.

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