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2 questions for you!

Jean Piernicki from University Hospital Southampton asks:

Vaccination Histories

We issue vaccination reports directly from eOPAS, by email,  to employees. The report is headed and has an electronic address stamp on it. It also clearly identifies IVS bloods and EPP clearance and our address.

I am aware that some OH departments insist that  there is a signature on the vaccination history report. Why? I have been told a variety of “departmental and anecdotal reasons” which I suspect are based on historic practices.  I am looking for  the evidence that states a vaccination history requires a signature.

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Dee Botes from Dartford and Gravesham asks:

Alternative scrub products

What do other Trusts do with regards to alternative products for scrubbing when a staff member is allergic to the recommended product that meets current guidelines and standards.

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