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PHE e-learning module on Health and Work

Passionate about the effect of ‘good’ work on health?

PHE e-learning module on the subject of Health and Work

PHE are supporting the Government’s vision to get 1 million more disabled people and people with long-term health conditions into/back into employment (Improving lives: the future of health, work and disability). They are developing some E-Learning, which is aimed at the full range of HCPs, and about preventing long term conditions from keeping people out of work, and engaging HCPs generally in closing the disability gap. 

There will be an introductory core module which concentrates on the general issues – particularly the value of work to health and to tackling inequality - plus separate modules on mental health, MSK, and into-work issues to do with each life course.  

  • Young People with disabilities/Statemented/NEETS
  • Working Age Adults
  • Older People

The initial, introductory module is intended to be 20 minutes, and the follow on’s – including one on each life course and two specific modules on mental health and MSK – are each between 10-20 minutes, depending on any case studies included.   

We are looking for anyone who can contribute case studies or inspiring stories about getting people into work . In the meantime, those with a special interest who are willing to discuss/scope appropriate content are encouraged to get in touch, with a view to our consulting on their opinions.

 If you would like to contribute, or have any ideas you would like to put forward, please contact Gaynor Aaltonen direct at PHE email: or mobile 07717 222398

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