COVID19 Guidance

COVID-19 and Occupational Health (OH) in the NHS

This is the first of a planned series of OH information and guidance documents.  

OH advice should be part of strategic planning and may be required on an individual basis on issues including:

  • return to work after testing, isolation or illness
  • management of staff who have concerns about specific vulnerability 
  • risk assessment of clinical work placements
  • deployment of temporary and returning NHS staff
  • communication.

OH cover will vary between organisations.  As the situation evolves OH providers should aim to develop clear algorithms which can be followed if necessary by a nominated lead.

On behalf of our combined working group we hope that this first information sheet is useful to NHS OH services, OH providers, NHS managers and clinicians.  It should be regarded as an interim document which will be updated as the COVID-19 situation develops and in line with agreed national guidance.

The guidance is available here


Dr Anne de Bono                                                                    Dr Shriti Pattani

President                                                                                 Chair

Faculty of Occupational Medicine                                          NHS Health at Work Network




12th March 2020