Health, work and wellbeing

Health, Work and Well-being is a cross-Government initiative to protect and improve the health and well-being of working age people.

The initiative promotes the positive links between health and work and aims to help more people with health conditions to find and stay in employment. It brings together employers, trade unions, healthcare professionals and other partners and builds on a growing evidence base that working is good for health.

NHS health and well-being - the Boorman review

The NHS health and well-being review was an independent review commissioned by the Department of Health and led by Dr Steve Boorman which investigated the health and well-being of NHS staff. The final report and response from the Department of Health were published in November 2009. 

The final report states that NHS organisations which prioritise staff health and well being:

  • achieve enhanced performance
  • improve patient care
  • are better at retaining staff
  • have lower rates of sickness absence

See the DWP's Health, Work and Wellbeing website for a copy of the Boorman Review and further details of their work.


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