Growing Occupational Health vision

"Improving the health and wellbeing of our NHS people by developing our Occupational Health Service and OH people to become trusted and integrated partners"   

The Growing Occupational Health vision is supported by four OH service improvement drivers:

Growing the strategic OH identity and impact

  • Defining the purpose of OH through a clear value proposition (offer) of OH
  • Clear national and local (organisation and system) Board level recognition of OH as a visible, trusted, strategic and integrated partner

Growing our OH services across systems 

  • Inclusion, equality and ease of access
  • Proactive and preventative focus
  • Alignment to Health and Wellbeing in organisational and system wide (ICS) plans
  • Enhanced service standards, quality, measurement, and consistency
  • Effective use of technology to support service delivery 

Growing our OH people

  • Empowered OH leadership, service improvement and innovation
  • Increased OH workforce capacity and capability
  • Multi-disciplinary delivery model
  • Investment in our people to reach their full potential
  • OH workforce drive service improvement, clinical pathway development and innovation

Growing OH evidence based practice

  • Empowering OH to strategically and operationally support recovery, restoration and transformation
  • Building on success and collaborative approaches

The Growing OH vision and drivers are underpinned by co-design, service improvement and a learning-focused approach.