Growing OH Roadmap

The Growing Occupational Health programme is being developed through a number of phases, which will culminate in the publication of a roadmap to inform the development of a national, five-year OH strategy.

Prior to this, Dr Steve Boorman updated his 2009 OH Review in 2021 and made a number of recommendations. These informed the content of the Growing OH discussion document.

Growing OH events

During Phase 1 of the Growing Occupational Health Programme, August to September 2021, a series of engagement events were held.

The engagement events involved key OH stakeholders, as well as an online survey open to all, in order to capture your feedback on the Growing OH vision and drivers and help shape the future of how OH services are received and delivered.

In Phase 2, Oct 2021 to March 2022, we are now engaging with service users and providers to co-design the Growing OH Roadmap that will enable OH services and local systems to deliver the Growing OH vision and drivers in the short, medium and longer term and to develop the five-year strategy for NHS Occupational Health.

By March 2022, we will have a Growing OH Roadmap to develop a highly professional, progressive, proactive and supportive service with OH as an empowered, strategic partner with a voice and influence at a senior level.