A Framework to increase Occupational Health (OH) Capacity for NHS Organisations through Covid–19 and Winter Pressures - EXTENDED

NHS England and NHS Improvement have developed a simplified framework that enables NHS organisations to easily and quickly procure additional temporary Occupational Health services to support them with the increased pressures due to Covid-19 and the winter pressures expected in the coming months where they have insufficient inhouse capacity. This has now been extended for a further 9 months to ensure that we can support NHS organisations through and beyond the second wave of Covid-19, winter pressures and support the Covid - 19 Vaccination programme once this is available.

Read about the Dynamic Purchasing Framework and how it has been recently used by one of our Members to great effect.

Dynamic Purchasing Framework

Supporting NHS organisations with additional Occupational Health capacity during the next phase of the Covid-19 pandemic

In March 2020, NHS England and NHS Improvement, supported by the NHS Health at Work Network, gained business case approval and appointed 29 SEQOHS-accredited suppliers through a Dynamic Purchasing System (DPS) Framework.  The previous full announcement is available here.

The aim of the Framework is to provide additional Occupational Health (OH) capacity to NHS organisations during the Covid-19 pandemic.  NHS organisations are able to use the Framework to buy-in additional OH support where needed, to supplement existing services without the need to undertake a tender exercise.

All NHS organisations are contractually obliged to offer OH services to their staff.  OH services aim to keep staff well at work and to support them in returning to work quicker after being unwell, by providing a range of physical and mental health services for staff in both a preventative manner and in response to a request for support.  Using OH services effectively can help organisations improve their retention and staff satisfaction results, as well as reduce sickness absence rates. 

Given the impact we know that Covid-19 has already had on our staff, and if we proactively consider the impact still to come, it is now more important than ever for NHS organisations to support NHS staff with their health and wellbeing.  

NHS organisations are encouraged to ensure their OH services have capacity to support staff where required.  Where this isn’t an option, the DPS Framework can help.  Once you have identified the need for additional OH support and have identified local funding to purchase the additional OH services, Full and Associate Members of the NHS Health at Work Network can access the full list of SEQOHS accredited suppliers via the restricted part of our website. If you are in an NHS organisation which is not a Member of the NHS Health at Work Network, to access the framework please contact admin@nhshealthatwork.co.uk

Please note that these rates are COMMERCIALLY SENSITIVE and we ask that you do not forward on beyond your immediate team.

After selecting your preferred supplier, NHS organisations can contact the supplier directly and enter an agreement with them.  NHS England and NHS Improvement have completed a business case and agreed the Terms and Conditions on behalf of any NHS organisation wishing to access support through the DPS Framework. If you wish to procure from this framework, the Call Off Agreement document will need to be signed by both the supplier and the client (NHS organisation).  

If you have any questions about the DPS Framework or how to use it, please do not hesitate to contact Siobhan Woodland at siobhan.woodland@nhs.net