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Dear Colleagues

I hope this bulletin finds you well and that you will manage to have a break before the autumn.

Some of you have been in touch about the inaccuracies in the new guidance from NHSX on Covid-19 testing for NHS staff specifically about accessing results on ICE and reference to OH services as non-clinical alongside Human Resources!  Dr. Anne De Bono, President Faculty of Occupational Medicine and I have jointly raised this with Dr Simon Eccles who is Deputy CEO at NHSX and I am pleased to say they have now updated the guidance, recognising the critical clinical role NHS OH teams have to play.

I was very saddened to hear the passing of Dr Jon Poole.  Jon was an NHS OH Consultant  but had experience in many different sectors and made a significant contribution to the practice of occupational medicine through his work and many publications.  I have passed on condolences on behalf of the Network to his family.

With best wishes

Shriti Pattani


In this edition:

  1. Special Interest Groups: Get Involved with the Network
  2. Written Instructions for Seasonal Flu
  3. Report Into the Mental Health of Nurses and Midwives
  4. HSE COVID-19 Guidance
  5. COVID-19 Resources and the Revised Purchasing Framework
  6. MoHaWK – Round 17 Remains Open!
  7. Ask-A-Question
  8. A New Date for our Annual Conference
  9. Membership Benefits: Please Check Your Listing
  10. Latest Research, Guidance and Useful Resources


The next edition will be circulated week commencing 30 August 2020.



1.    Special Interest Groups:  Get Involved with the Network

The Network is developing a number of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) to support our Members in the development and sharing of good clinical, business and management practices.

We are establishing three groups, overseen by a wider Clinical Advisory Group.

We would love as many of you as possible to get involved in these groups, which will run virtually via e-mail, tele-conference and video-conference.  If you are interested, please get in touch with your Group’s Chair as follows:

Occupational Health Physician SIG – Dr Shriti Pattani: chair@nhshealthatwork.co.uk

Occupational Health Advisers & Nurses SIG – Helen Parsons: helenparsons2@nhs.net

General Occupational Health SIG (to cover all other staff groups) – Giles Wright: giles.wright@addenbrookes.nhs.uk

2.    Written Instructions for the Seasonal Influenza Vaccine

This year’s template for written instructions and guidance for the seasonal influenza vaccine has now been published and is available here.  

3.    Report into the Mental Health of Nurses and Midwives

A report into the mental health of nurses and midwives in the United Kingdom by Professor Gail Kinman, Dr Kevin Teoh and Professor Anne Harriss is available here.

This report was written before COVID-19 and reveals the high-levels of work-related stress, burnout and mental health problems.  This comprehensive report makes 45 recommendations and 8 key priorities around job design, staffing levels, time-out for breaks, and a clear mental health strategy to support nurses and midwives. 

4.    Health and Safety Executive COVID-19 Guidance

The HSE continues to update their guidance as result of COVID-19.  You may be interested in their latest updates on health surveillance and also on Working Safely during the outbreak.

5.    COVID-19 Resources and the Revised Purchasing Framework

We continue to regularly update our website with the latest advice, guidance and information relating to COVID-19.  This includes the latest update to the Dynamic Purchasing Framework set up by NHS England and Improvement, with support from the NHS Health at Work Network.  The framework is available here.

6.    MoHaWK – Round 17 Remains Open!

Round 17 opened for data input on Wednesday 1st July.  The Faculty of Occupational Medicine recognises that many OH services have been under significant pressure or had significant disruption over the last few months due to COVID-19 and therefore there will be no ‘deadline’ to submit your data.  We will leave the Round open until December (just prior to Round 18 commencing) allowing you time to update as you are able.  We have also not added any extra sections for this round so you do not have to update any electronic reporting. 

The data collection for the majority of topics is the month of June and so you can gradually review the sections you want to complete and pull your data accordingly. You may wish to just focus on one or two indicators per month making the data collection more manageable during these crazy times.   

I have attached the briefing note for reference on the subject areas. Please do get in contact if you have any queries hilary.winch@nnuh.nhs.uk 

7.    Member Benefit: Ask-A-Question

Network Members can ‘Ask-A-Question’ of their colleagues from around the country – a great way to find out how your colleagues are approaching specific challenges, and saving you from having to re-invent the wheel.

We have some interesting questions this month including about risk assessments for vulnerable staff, and also about vaccination update training courses.

You can see the responses to all the questions and answers here.

If you want to ‘Ask-A-Question’ just let us know and we will post it for you.

8.    A Reminder: The New Date for our Annual Conference, AGM and Dinner

In case you missed it in last month’s bulletin, we are having to reschedule the date for our annual conference, AGM and dinner which was originally planned to take place on Tuesday 8 and Wednesday 9 September, 2020.

The new date for your diaries is Tuesday 9 and Wednesday 10 March 2021.  

The venue remains unchanged - the Chesford Grange Hotel and Conference Centre in Kenilworth, Warwickshire.  

We are sorry to have to make this change, but the new dates are likely to result in a much better conference than would otherwise have been the case.

More details including a revised conference programme will be available from the autumn.

9.    Membership Benefits: Please Check Your Listing

We have been delighted to see the overwhelming majority of NHS occupational health teams renew their Network membership for the coming year.  

Find-A-Provider Listing On Our Business Pages

One of the many benefits open to Members is to have your OH Service listed in our business pages – a great source of potential new income, business leads and a shop window for your Service for our 150,000 web visitors a year!  Please check that your details are still correct, and let us know of any changes.  You don’t have to be listed, so if you are not in a position to take on any new external work, please let us know and we can temporarily, or permanently, remove your listing.  You can be added back in at any time.

National Performers List

Members can have their Service listed as a health screening provider for staff wishing to join the NHS National Performer’s List.  Please check to see if you are listed, and that your contact details are still correct.  If you want your Service to be added to this list, just let us know and we will do the rest.

Monthly e-Bulletin

All Members of your team can opt-in to receive this monthly e-bulletin straight to their inbox, as well as having full website access, including to the Members-only areas.  If you want your colleagues adding, just send us their names, e-mail addresses and job titles and we will set them up on the system.  Alternatively, they can register to receive the bulletin here

10. Latest Research, Guidance and Useful Resources

Academy of Medical Sciences “How can we prepare for potential healthcare challenges this winter” is available to read here

Covid-19: Opportunity to learn from necessity

Research paper on the airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2 is available here

Domestic Abuse Guidance for Virtual Health Settings is available here


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